Akrapovic and XL Limited set to make a noise

In a first for the automotive industry, UK Agent PERON ltd has joined forces with XL Limited to offer a unique way to experience the thrilling sound of an Akrapovič exhaust system.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership, a selected range of XL Limited’s short-term contract hire cars may now be ordered with an Akrapovič exhaust system already installed. Three vehicles have initially been chosen to ‘test the water’ – the Lamborghini Huracan, the Porsche 911 Turbo S and the Mercedes-AMG G63. If this exciting partnership proves popular, then further models will be added, opening up the potential for many more Akrapovič-equipped vehicles.

It works like this: simply choose your vehicle and specification; select the contract hire period you require (from 6-12 months), then select the optional Akrapovič titanium exhaust system. There are no separate financial agreements or concerns about installation (everything is taken care of by XL) and your new car will be delivered fully upgraded. No fuss, no hassle, no stress.

So whether it’s the screaming V10 of the Huracan, the boosted flat-six of the 911 Turbo S (991.2) or the might of the Mercedes-AMG G63, XL can now enhance all of these stunning vehicles with proven performance gains and a truly thrilling Akrapovič soundtrack. 

To order your Akrapovič-equipped Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche 911 Turbo S (991.2), or Mercedes-AMG G63, contact XL Limited for more information – call 0800 001 66 66.