Akrapovič Drives Forward with Exciting Collaboration alongside Volkswagen

Akrapovič is delighted to announce its latest partnership with one of the world’s leading car manufacturers as the Slovenian premium exhaust expert launches the first product in an exciting collaboration with Volkswagen.


The Akrapovič R-Performance exhaust system for the new Volkswagen Golf R will be available exclusively through Volkswagen. Working alongside engineers from Volkswagen R GmbH, Akrapovič has developed a stunning titanium exhaust system for the 2017 Golf R that is already in production at the state-of-the-art Črnomelj manufacturing plant in Slovenia. Using advanced and innovative technologies such as hydroforming, the deep draw process, 3D laser cutting, and parts made in Akrapovič’s in-house foundry (Akrapovič is the only exhaust system manufacturer with its own in-house titanium foundry), this exhaust system has been developed to the highest standards with ongoing tests and sound evaluations all combining to produce a superior and high-class product.
The Volkswagen Golf R is already a benchmark car in the hot hatch segment, with its two-litre TSI engine that produces 228 kW (310 hp) and 400 Nm to give the Golf R a standing start to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. This performance, aligned with Volkswagen’s 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, ensures that the new 2017 car is certainly deserving of its iconic status, and the addition of the Akrapovič Performance exhaust system takes the car on to further levels of enjoyment and gratification.
Creating the perfect sound was one of the main reasons for Volkswagen working with Akrapovič to create an exhaust system for the Golf R. Together with advanced technologies, ground-breaking design, attention to detail, and quality control, these are all attributes that make an Akrapovič exhaust stand out from the crowd, and abilities that the German car marque wanted in the collaboration. Using intensive sound engineering during tests on the dyno and on the roads, with sound colour graphs being analysed, many different prototypes were tested, and sounds both inside the cabin and outside were assessed to achieve the optimum tones for all situations. This in-depth process was completed with many prototypes being adjusted, fine-tuned, and evaluated to obtain the ideal configuration for the perfect sound. The final system is now flawless in each of its driving modes, from pleasant at cruising speeds to a motorsport sound when driving on the open road, which is best suited to track days. The distinctive Akrapovič sound is especially emphasised at high revs and when changing gears, when it produces a satisfying and thrilling popping sound.
The finish on the Akrapovič R-Performance exhaust system for the Volkswagen Golf R is also as perfect as the sound, with an attention to detail that is second to none and makes this exhaust really stand out. The system offers an impressive 7 kg weight saving through the use of special titanium alloys and advanced technologies, and these materials provide perfect anti-corrosion properties and high-temperature resistance. From the perfect welds and impeccable forming and bending process to provide the best and most direct route for the exhaust gasses to travel through to the four megaphone-like tailpipes – which are coated for protection and laser engraved with the Akrapovič logo to stand out – this system means business and takes the car on to even greater heights, pushing it right to the top of the hot hatch market.
Uroš Rosa, Akrapovič CEO:
“This is another proud moment in the history of Akrapovič and one we are delighted to be part of. Volkswagen desired a distinctive sound character for one of its flagship cars and it wanted a unique sound allied to an innovative and high-quality exhaust system, all aimed at complementing the Golf R. The experience of Akrapovič, along with our innovative technologies, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, advanced materials, and know-how to create the perfect sound, were all determining factors in Volkswagen’s decision to give us the opportunity to build a unique system with a unique sound that makes this car stand out. This is the first product in the collaboration and one that we are all very enthusiastic about. The combination of the Akrapovič exhaust and the Volkswagen Golf R is the best and most stimulating sound of a four-cylinder turbo engine that is type-approved under new regulations that came in effect in mid-2016, and we are very pleased to have created it alongside Volkswagen.”