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Akrapovič gives two more BMWs the performance touch

January 26, 2019 2 min read

Akrapovič gives two more BMWs the performance touch

Akrapovič has launched a brand-new Evolution Line (SS) exhaust for the BMW M140i and M240i that will propel these Bavarian beauties to further levels of exhaust and performance upgrade.


Impeccably designed in-house by Akrapovič’s technicians, the Evolution Line fits perfectly with the lines of the car. Constructed from austenitic stainless steel, the exhaust is designed to provide the best airflow possible due to its high-tech and innovative configuration. Featuring an arrangement of two central link pipes, which replaces the single stock pipe design, the Evolution Line gives an optimum flow of the exhaust gases right through to the beautifully sculpted hand-crafted carbon fibre tailpipes.

The performance for this pair of sporty cars is also improved with power gains up to 4.0 hp and torque increases in excess of 6.3 Nm from the three-litre six-cylinder turbocharged engine created through the addition of the Evolution Line. A dual-mode ECU-controlled valve makes possible stocklevel sound during normal cruising, with an exciting deep sporty note as the drive gets more spirited, all adding to the sensual enjoyment. Fully ECE-compliant with no remapping needed, the exhaust is a simple plug-and-play installation for ease of use, making the Evolution Line a perfect accompaniment to a set of already impressive cars.

Exhaust tuning can be taken to a further level with the addition of the optional downpipe with catalytic converter. Built using high-quality stainless steel, the fitment of the downpipe to the Evolution Line exhaust will immediately create a complete system for both cars and will improve the performance through enhanced power and torque increases. Incorporating a sporty catalytic converter – which is type-approved to meet ECE regulations, making the whole system ECEcompliant – no remapping is needed for this performance upgrade. This optional downpipe – which fits the BMW M140i and M240i as well as the 340i and 440i – generates an enhanced sound that delivers a pure racing emotion and fantastic feedback at high revs, without unwanted drone, also making it suitable for everyday use.

These sporty BMWs are already machines that stand out in their classes, but the addition of the Akrapovič Evolution Line, with or without the optional downpipe, will take the performance to new levels and add a treat for the eyes and ears that all will enjoy.