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Akrapovic Launch Mercedes A35 AMG System

October 25, 2019 2 min read

Akrapovic Launch Mercedes A35 AMG System

We are pleased to announce that pre-orders have started for the new Akrapovic exhaust system for the Mercedes-AMG A35.

Slip-On Line (Titanium) - RRP £2807.20 + vat
Evolution Link Pipe Set (SS) - RRP £695.20 + vat

Find your nearest dealer HERE and place your pre-order.

First deliveries expected November 2019.

About the Slip-On System

Providing a stunning sensory experience, this lightweight exhaust is beautifully crafted from high-grade titanium and finished with an eye-catching design of two pairs of titanium and carbon-fibre tailpipes.

The exhaust valve – with its housing cast in the in-house foundry – gives the sound from the exhaust a richer and higher frequency than stock, especially when shifting through the gears, all allied to a smooth sound that enhances the car’s engine tones without any discomfort or drone for the occupants.

A specially designed perforated manifold tube on the valve side eliminates streaming without any compromise to the pressure pulse distribution, thus offering a stronger sound.

Lighter than stock due to the use of titanium and a different configuration, the design and construction of the exhaust leads to optimisation in the power and torque levels throughout the entire rev range. The optimised flow path of exhaust gases provides greater tuning potential, something that can be realised further with the addition of the optional Evolution Link pipe set (SS). 

Please note:
The system only fits cars equipped with OPF/GPF particulate filter.

About the Evolution Link Pipe Set

Offering an ideal upgrade to further the tuning potential of the car, the link pipe set is primarily designed for track use and will release the sporty sound that the engine has to offer.

With the elimination of the OPF, the sound levels are increased and the frequency content is improved, providing increased sound, leading to an exhilarating tone, with cracking and burbling being an enjoyable and addictive aural assault on over-run.

The change in performance is a noticeable factor when compared to the stock exhaust system configuration, and the difference is perceptible from the driver’s and passenger’s point of view.

Please note: The system only fits to cars equipped with OPF/GPF particulate filter.