Akrapovič Lets the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S Show Their True Colours

Akrapovič has launched a new Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust for the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S that takes these cars to awe-inspiring levels of auditory excitement, enhanced performance, and stunning good looks.

An amazing sound is one of the most desirable factors of this perfectly sculptured system made from ultra-lightweight titanium alloys. The aural pleasure can be regulated with a console button inside the cabin and by the Sound Remote Controller of the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit; these all control an active X-connection in the exhaust system, with an additional pair of exhaust valves behind the rear mufflers. Crafted in Akrapovič’s in-house foundry, the active X-connection has a guided and precisely machined valve flap to alter the tones and deliver optimal acoustic results in all of the car’s modes. When the X-connection valve is open, the exhaust system delivers a more continuous, smooth, and harmonic sound for a more comfortable ride, and in closed mode the acoustics have been maximised to give the cars a pure sporty and intense muscle-car V8 roar. The valve regulator has been meticulously calculated and tuned for these cars to produce the exact tolerance between forceful audio tones and a sporty growl, leaving no compromise on comfort and aural enjoyment. It is not just a simple on-and-off switch, but a complex and intelligent combination that Akrapovič has engineered to enhance the driver’s experience without any negative drone or unwanted sound effects.

The Evolution Line also adds performance to these already thrilling cars, taking them to further levels of adrenalin-fuelled enjoyment. Handling is improved through the huge weight savings offered by the ultra-lightweight system. An incredible 46.1% reduction in weight over stock will decrease mass and add to the whole sensation of the car. To complement the lower weight, the power increases by over 13 hp at 2,550 rpm and continues to deliver gains throughout the entire rev range, and torque is increased by 36.2 Nm at 2,300 rpm, again providing constant improvements as the revs rise, making the Evolution Line a true high-performance exhaust system.

The Evolution Line directly replaces the existing performance exhaust, so there is no need to remap the ECU or add any other parts. It is ECE type approved and is a simple plug-and-play installation.
Visual appeal is also increased with the flawlessly hand-crafted carbon-fibre tailpipes, which add a stunning finish and hint at the enhanced performance and sound that the Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust can unleash. This is an exhaust that will take the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S to greater levels of sensory gratification and intensify the enjoyment of these cars on a totally new plane.