Launched: Performance software for C8 RS6 / RS7

Launched: Performance software for C8 RS6 / RS7

We are extremely proud to present months of hard work and a collaboration project between PERON, Nick K, Nortech and QSTuning.

We have calibrations to suit all levels of build; Stage 1, Stage 1+, Stage 2 and Stage 2 Pro with various levels of pops and crackles are available.

Stage 1          (+67hp / +164ft/lb)
Stage 1+       (+109hp / +189 ft/lb)
Stage 2          (+130hp / +225 ft/lb)
Stage 2 Pro  (+161 hp / +268 ft/lb)

The QSTuning RS6 demo car has a Dragy confirmed 100-200kph 5.84 seconds, full weight and currently UK's fastest stock turbo, pump fuel vehicle!

Vehicle: QSTuning C8 RS6
ECU/TCU Calibration: Nick K - Stage 2 Pro
Downpipes: Nortech Performance Test Pipes
Exhaust: Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium)
Intake: MMS/ Development Eventuri Inlets
Fuel: Momentum 99

CLICK HERE to view all of our performance software upgrades for this application.

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