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PERON / Nortech develop new cast collectors

April 18, 2018 2 min read

PERON / Nortech develop new cast collectors

Here at PERON Nortech, we’re always striving to improve the quality and efficiency of our products, so we are excited to announce our newly developed CF8C Plus cast collectors.

Historically, all of our tubular manifolds required a billet collector to be designed and engineered. Not only was this time consuming, given that we produce dozens of different manifolds, but also expensive. So we decided to look into producing our own range of cast collectors. This would speed up production times and allow us to expand our range of market leading tubular manifolds and advanced turbo solutions.

Key to the viability of any PERON Nortech part is its integrity. The cast collector had to be immensely strong and able to withstand extremely high temperatures without cracking. So Nortech’s technical director, James Howarth, began researching materials and discovered CF8C Plus.

CF8C Plus was developed in conjunction with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Caterpillar, in the USA. It offersimproved high temperature tensile, creep and fatigue properties compared with standard CF8C steel. It was found to be ideal for the production of cast components for diesel engine turbochargers and other exhaust components. With no loss of flow or overall performance, this special blend of steel was selected as the ideal material for our cast collectors

Our new CF8C Plus cast collectors will allow us to speed up production of our advanced turbo solutions. We will be able to produce tubular exhaust manifolds more easily and efficiently, which in turn means we can broaden our range of turbo packages to cover many makes and models of vehicle. Crucially for us, this increased efficiency has no impact whatsoever on the quality and durability of our products.

Our new collectors are cast locally, which means we can keep a strict eye on quality, as well as not having to wait for components to be shipped. And with full CAD design and CNC-machining facilities in-house, we are able to adapt collector specifications quickly – without incurring high tooling costs.

Look out for products featuring our new CF8C Plus cast collectors soon…