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PERON Nortech Race downpipe for Megane RS

June 19, 2018 1 min read

PERON Nortech Race downpipe for Megane RS

One of the biggest restrictions in a turbocharged car is the factory downipe. Stock set-ups are designed according to strict manufacturer regulations and costs, so it’s no wonder they do not perform as well as they could – and the Renault Megane RS is a prime example. That’s why we’ve developed the PERON Nortech 3in Race downpipe that delivers optimal gas flow, which in turn allows an increase in performance from the lively 2.0-litre F4RT engine.

When combined with a mandatory ECU remap, the PERON Nortech Race downpipe delivers significant power gains. It has been developed to use with the stock location factory or hybrid turbo and a 3in performance cat-back exhaust system.

PERON Nortech are constantly working on new applications for a wide range of makes and models and this is just one of a wide range of supporting upgrades for turbocharged cars. We’ll be showcasing the latest hot new products in our news section, so keep checking back for updates.

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