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Porsche GT3 991.2 Akrapovic systems – new images

February 19, 2019 2 min read

Porsche GT3 991.2 Akrapovic systems – new images

Akrapovic are pleased to reveal new images of the latest combination of performance systems available for the much applauded Porsche GT3 991.2. Customers may choose from several combinations, including three key set-ups, from a Slip On Line with Link Pipe set, through to a full Evolution exhaust system including Race Headers. The new images show every combination to help make the all-important decision when upgrading the stock system on a GT3. We have to say, they also look stunning!

As with all Akrapovic products, you can rest assured that the new GT3 991.2 applications are the result of many months of highly involved research and development to ensure the highest levels of fit, finish and performance. Everything is rigorously tested to ensure that tangible performance gains are made and that each system delivers that unique and thrilling sound – the trademark of Akrapovic.

Akrapovic Slip-On Race Line titanium plus tailpipe set with Link Pipe set
The second step in the exhaust tuning process, the Link Pipe set allows customers to retain the original manifold and integrated cats, but delivers an increase in both power and torque, while saving weight. The perfect accompaniment to the Slip-On Line Race system.

Evolution Header Set with Race Slip-On
The Evolution Header Set converts the Slip-On Race Line to a full system. Hand-crafted titanium headers feature 100 cpsi sports cats and side mufflers developed to increase torque. Integrated valves allow the system to be closed for a more sedate sound in town or opened for the ultimate, thrilling noise on the open road.

Evolution race Header Set with Race Slip-On
The ultimate system for those who drive on track, this set-up offers the perfect power curve from just 3,000rpm to the very top of the power band and is designed to continually increase performance as the revs rise. Hand crafted titanium headers deliver a significant weight saving and proven performance gains, with this system offering a deep, charcterful sound that evokes memories of a Porsche Cup racer.

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