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Pre-orders start for the new 102mm Nissan GTR System

February 07, 2019 2 min read

Pre-orders start for the new 102mm Nissan GTR System

This new 102mm Evolution Race Line system has been developed to offer Nissan GT-R owners the opportunity to tune their car to its full potential.


Evolution Race Line (Titanium)
MSRP £6225

It is constructed using high-grade lightweight titanium alloys, with individual parts cast in the in-house foundry. The one-piece construction link pipe has an increased diameter, measuring 101.6 mm (4 inches) for optimized exhaust gas flow. It is beautifully completed with larger handmade high-quality carbon-fibre tailpipes (135 mm in diameter) over titanium inners and finished with an Akrapovič chicane design. With the addition of the mandatory Downpipe / Link Pipe Set (SS) or Link Pipe (SS), the Evolution Race Line is converted to a full system.

If stock turbos are not replaced or are replaced with turbos with the same connection flanges between turbos and downpipes as on stock turbos, then the Downpipe / Link Pipe Set has to be added to complete the exhaust system. If the turbochargers are changed, then the Link Pipe without Downpipes has to be chosen. In any case, ECU remapping is mandatory.

Downpipe & Link Pipe Set (SS) for Stock Turbos
MSRP £3052

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this front link pipe with downpipe set has been designed to fit perfectly onto stock turbos (or turbos where the connection points between the turbos and downpipes have the same shape as on the stock configuration. The Downpipe / Link Pipe Set was developed using technology directly from the racing world. Two larger 92.8 mm insulated downpipes provide optimal flow, and with flanges cast in-house provide a perfect fit. The front link pipe has a stainless-steel collector with custom-made flex tubes. When combined with the Evolution Race Line exhaust, the full system significantly reduces the back pressure and provides an optimized flow with more than a 40% increase for the exhaust gases, while also offering limitless tuning options. ECU remapping is mandatory.

Link Pipe (SS) for aftermarket Turbos
MSRP £1214

Constructed using high-grade stainless steel and solutions from direct involvement in the racing world, the link pipe has a collector featuring two custom-made flex tubes. Designed for vehicles that have had replacement turbochargers and downpipes added with stock connection points between the downpipes and front link pipe, it offers opportunities to continue tuning using aftermarket turbos. ECU remapping is mandatory.

Dispatch of the pre-order systems will take place late March/ early April.
Contact your nearest Akrapovic Dealer for further details and to place your orders.