Akrapovič Unveils Its First Carbon Fibre Adjustable Rear Wing for the G80 M3 and M4

Akrapovič Unveils Its First Carbon Fibre Adjustable Rear Wing for the G80 M3 and M4

Akrapovič, the globally recognized manufacturer of high-performance exhaust systems, has announced the release of its latest cutting-edge product, the Rear Wing (Carbon) designed specifically for the BMW M3 (G80) and M4 (G82). This is the first time the company has ventured into the realm of rear wings, representing a significant milestone for the brand.

The Rear Wing (Carbon) has been crafted using hand-made, lightweight carbon fiber and is coated with lacquer to achieve a stunning high-gloss finish. The wing is mounted on two brackets with a swan neck design, expertly fabricated from lightweight CNC-machined aluminum to optimize the weight and performance ratio. These brackets have been carefully designed to deliver the best possible load-bearing capacity to weight ratio, while high-grade titanium bolts have been used to connect the wing to the brackets. High-grade titanium reinforcements have also been incorporated to enhance the wing's structural stability at pivot points.

Drawing inspiration from the world of motorsports, the Rear Wing (Carbon) features an aerofoil design, optimized to achieve an exceptional balance between downforce and drag. A small lip has been incorporated at the wing's trailing edge to further maximize downforce and overall performance. The product has been fine-tuned using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to ensure that the wing's geometry does not generate additional turbulence around the rear of the car or cause any additional noise.

The Rear Wing (Carbon) is fully adjustable to three levels and must be manually set to the preferred angle prior to driving. The product has been approved by ABE with AKR-WI KBA 31882 type approval and is finished with an understated Akrapovič monochrome logo on each side.

This innovative product will not fit the BMW M4 Cabrio (G83), but it represents an exciting development for Akrapovič as it expands its product range to include rear wings. As a leading manufacturer of high-performance car parts, Akrapovič continues to push the boundaries of excellence and craftsmanship in the automotive industry.