PERON 3.5" Race (De-Cat) Downpipes - Audi S6 / S7 / RS6 / RS7 (C7) 4.0T

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During extensive testing on our own Audi RS7 development car, we discovered the stock downpipes were a major restriction to the 4.0 TFSI. Our engineers set about designing a set of larger bore (3.5" / 90mm), freer flowing de-cat downpipes to complement both the OE cat-back exhaust and also the Akrapovic Evolution Line titanium system that was already installed.

Pulse-TIG-welded, from billet 304 stainless steel, the PERON de-cat downpipes deliver an aggressive, purposeful sound when the valves are open, but with no annoying drone while cruising – for example on motorways. They work faultlessly in all modes, from Comfort through to Dynamic and offer proven performance gains.

A STG2 ECU remap is required to optimise the performance of the engine with the less restrictive, freer flowing downpipes. This also removes any lambda associated "check engine" warning lights. Combined with a remap, you will experience significant performance gains.

A lot of time was spent perfecting the acoustics to complement the sound of the titanium Akrapovic system, but the PERON downpipes can also be fitted to cars with the stock cat-back, or Milltek exhaust system. We designed the downpipes to be modular so by utilising only the first section of the downpipes with a small adapter (included), they will fit the stock cat-back or Milltek system perfectly. 

PERON accepts no responsibility for the use of this part on the public highway where removal of emissions controls is prohibited. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they comply with rules and laws relating to their home country.

PERON Distribution
Our sister company, PERON Distribution, is the UK agent for Akrapovic exhaust systems. These exquisitely made, titanium set-ups offer the ultimate solution for those who demand only the best for their performance car.

The Evolution Line system for the RS6 / RS7 delivers +9.5hp, +15.4Nm and saves 8.1kg. With the PERON downpipes and a STG 2 remap, this will increase significantly.

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