Take control with the PERON ECU tuning software

ECU tuning is the easiest and most cost effective way to transform the performance of your turbocharged car. It can produce significant gains in both power and torque, while retaining the OEM feel of a vehicle. However, not all ECU tuning is the same.

A Narrow but deep focus

Here at PERON, we have focused on a select range of models to ensure we deliver the best possible package in terms of increased performance, drivability and durability. Our in-house calibration team has over 20 years’ experience with Bosch ECUs, and this has been a critical factor in our success with packages for the MED17 ECUs found in Fiesta ST and Focus ST/RS models.


Each software package is developed as a bespoke tune for one of our own demo vehicles. In our eyes, this is the only way to do it, as it allows us complete control over the development and testing process. We drive these cars on a daily basis, so get to know them inside out. Any new software is subjected to between 3,000 and 6,000 miles of evaluation to ensure it meets our strict technical criteria. From throttle response, to power delivery, we analyse each and every aspect of a new calibration.

Utilising a combination on on-road testing and many hours on the dyno, our team will only sign off a new calibration when they are satisfied that it significantly improves the performance of a vehicle. But it must do so without affecting drivability or durability. As with our hardware products, the key criteria must always be: does it improve the driving experience? Finally, we gather all the relevant data, including dyno graphs, so that you can see the performance gains for yourself.


Having developed performance ECU software that is being used on thousands of Fiesta ST and Focus ST models across the world, we are now turning our attention to a range of other vehicles.

With a broad range of development vehicles in our fleet, including an Audi RS7,  Focus RS Mk3 and VW Golf 7R, our team are currently in the process of creating some exciting new software applications.

Choose your system

Peron ECU tuning systems are available in two ways: via one of our approved global dealers, who will test your car and apply the software for you; or as a DIY package complete with comprehensive instructions and live support. The system works on any Windows-based laptop via the OBD port, with full step-by-step on-screen instructions. The kit includes the software, a USB to OBD cable and OBD Tool and PERON gel badge.

TVS Engineering TCU Software

PERON is proud to announce the distributorship in the UK for DSG gearbox sepcialists TVS Engineering.

TVS Engineering specialises in developing custom DSG software and custom tailored ECU software. With an annual repair of over 2000 DSG gearboxes and with 11 employees, TVS is one of the largest DSG specialist worldwide.

Before you start

The single most important factor with ECU tuning is the health of your vehicle. A thorough check with an OBD faultfinder and initial dyno run should be carried out before any ECU tuning is considered, followed by another dyno run once the software has been flashed. Even seemingly healthy cars often throw up fault codes, which can affect the performance of any performance ECU software. Any existing hardware modifications should also be fully checked over, as in our experience, this is where many issues occur. If you are planning to flash your ECU yourself, we highly recommend getting a full health check beforehand.