Our entry level STG1 tuning is designed for 95RON fuel.

For our high performance STG1+ to STG4 tuning we recommend 98 or 99RON fuels.

All of our own testing is conducted using 98RON Shell V-Power.

We find the standard service intervals are acceptable for PERON tuned stock turbo cars which are used for spirited road driving.

We do recommend checking the spark plugs for integrity every 5000 miles.

Some customers who use their cars for heavy track use change the oil and have health inspections every 3000 miles.

The best practice is to put your car back to its native ECU version before you have the work carried out. This way the dealer will have no problems when auto-updating the car using their own software. Contact your supporting dealer to supply this file.

Once Ford have completed the work and flashed their new ECU software into the car, you will need to send your supporting dealer a fresh read. 

PERON have tune files to suit this new sensor update, so your supporting dealer can send you the  supporting tune file to flash back into your car.

Start by download the latest PERON Flash Ford program HERE

Once the installation is complete, connect your PERON programmer tool to your laptop via the USB cable and plug into your car’s OBD port. Now turn on the ignition. Do not start the engine.

Open the PERON Flash Ford program, following the on-screen instructions.

The program will automatically identify the ECU before giving you the option to read the ECU.

You will need to select "Full Program & Calibration Data" Read. Please be patient, this can take a couple of minutes to complete - Do not interrupt this process.

This will then produce 2 files that you will need to save and then email to your supporting PERON dealer.

Once you have received the tuned file back from your supporting PERON dealer, it will be in zip format, so you will need to unzip it to your desktop.

Connect your PERON programmer tool to your laptop via the USB cable and plug into your car’s OBD port. Now turn on the ignition. Do not start the engine.

Open the PERON Flash Ford program and following the on-screen instructions.

Once at the main menu screen you need to select "Program ECU Memory". It will then open a prompt window to locate the file to flash the ecu with. This is the file you have unzipped to your desktop.

Follow the on-screen instructions and it will begin to flash the car.

The program will prompt you to turn your ignition off and on again. If you have a Fiesta ST you can ignore this process and just click "OK".

The flashing process will take about 5 minutes and once completed it will let you know. You can then disconnect the PERON programmer tool and turn your car on. 

This error could be one of a few things:

1 - The USB Port on your computer could be faulty. Try a different port.

2 - The USB Lead could be faulty or not connected correctly to either the laptop or the OBD tool.

3 - The Driver Signatures for USB drivers has not been correctly setup. Follow these instructions to fix that:

Please click THIS LINK to be taken to the walkthrough on how to temporarily disable driver signatures on Windows 8 or 10. Please use OPTION 2 as it is much easier. Just scroll down the page until you find this section.

Once you have completed this and the laptop has rebooted, please re-install the PERON Flash Ford Program. Your issue should now be fixed.

Please be aware that our Decel tuning is for off road use only and requires a performance de-cat downpipe.

There is no warranty expressed or implied regarding this motor-sport modification for engine or hardware components.

Customers are encouraged to double check all exhaust components are fitted correctly before any hard driving.

You should not sit at idle revving the car for sustained periods as this can put undue strain on hardware components.