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AKRAPOVIC | BMW X5 M (F95) / X5 M COMPETITION 2020 | Slip-On Line (Titanium)

Product code: S-BM/T/16H
Homologation: ECE Type Approval



+8.9 kW

at 2400 rpm


+35.4 Nm

at 2400 rpm


-8.4 kg



With a distinctive sound as you shift through the gears, coupled with enhanced power and torque, all encapsulated in a full titanium system, the Slip-On Line (Titanium) offers the Akrapovič experience while meeting ECE type approval. Constructed from lightweight high-grade titanium alloys and finished with two sets of carbon-fibre / titanium tailpipes, the system features complex parts crafted at the in-house titanium foundry, including the housing of the valves and collectors from the central muffler to the tailpipes. Two valves – one on each side of the muffler – tailor the gas flow to help produce that unmistakable Akrapovič sound, which is distinctly different from the X5M with a stock system. The exhaust tone is most noticeable as you move through the gears and accelerate, and this can be further controlled through the addition of the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit to provide increased aural pleasure. Akrapovič has achieved power gains of 12.1 hp at 2,400 rpm and torque increases of 35.4 Nm at 2,400 rpm when tested on the Akrapovič dyno against a BMW X5M ith a stock M Sport exhaust system for comparison. There is also the opportunity for further exhaust tuning through the addition of the optional Evolution Link pipe set (Titanium); using the link pipe set will change the gas flow and deliver the best sound possible from the Slip-On Line (Titanium). As a further enhancement, Akrapovič has created optional parts to change the visual appeal of the car and accompany the beautiful finish of the system’s tailpipes. With a handmade carbon-fibre diffuser, an added special touch can be made to the visual experience.

With the installation of the Evolution Link pipe set, ECE type approval for the Slip-On Line (Titanium) exhaust system is not valid, and remapping the ECU is mandatory when it is fitted.

With the installation of Akrapovič Sound Kit, ECE type approval for the Slip-On Line (Titanium) exhaust system is not valid.

For installing the slip-on system, the stock exhaust system has to be cut. Please read the instructions carefully before the start of the installation.

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Technical data

max. power kW 461.2 / 5900 rpm 461.6 / 5850 rpm + 8.9 / 2400 rpm
HP (m) 627.1 / 5900 rpm 627.6 / 5850 rpm + 12.1 / 2400 rpm
HP (i) 618.5 / 5900 rpm 619.0 / 5850 rpm + 11.9 / 2400 rpm
max. torque Nm 795.8 / 3000 rpm 810.6 / 3000 rpm + 35.4 / 2400 rpm
lb-ft 587.0 / 3000 rpm 597.9 / 3000 rpm + 26.1 / 2400 rpm
weight kg 20.7 12.3 - 8.4
lb 45.6 27.1 - 18.5
% - 40.7
inst. time min 210
Packaging Gross weight Kg 28.000
Packaging Dimensions mm 1550×1250×300

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