AKRAPOVIC | AUDI RS 6 AVANT (C8) 2020 | Evolution Line (Titanium)

Product code: S-AU/TI/15H + L-AU/SS/6
Homologation: ECE Type Approval



+11.6 kW

at 6150 rpm


+17.9 Nm

at 6150 rpm


- 11.7 kg



Manufactured using high-grade lightweight titanium, the Evolution Line exhaust system features a specially designed layout with one central and two side mufflers and a collector made from titanium, all leading from stainless steel link pipes with a larger diameter compared to stock and custom-made flex tubes, fully insulated where they attach to the downpipes. A valve on each side muffler controls the flow of gases and aids the fantastic sound produced by the system. Each valve has a housing cast in Akrapovič’s in-house foundry, as does the complex active X-connection, which also features a valve for controlling the exhaust pulses from both sides of the engine. The system is finished with unique carbon fibre/titanium tailpipes – one on each side – with an eye-catching design that has never been used before, with the handmade dynamically shaped carbon fibre outer sleeve perfectly aligned with the sandblasted and coated titanium inner, all giving a powerful and sporty conclusion to this stunning exhaust system. Designed to supply a soundtrack that has been acoustically tuned to perfection at every rev point to give an aural delight from the low-down rumble, through a strong mid-range and onto a high frequency top end with distinctive feel of Akrapovič’s racing heritage, all added to the increased excitement where every downshift is accompanied a sharp rumble. The system has been tuned to provide the occupants the comfort of driving like an everyday commuter with no unwanted drone or excessive noise. Akrapovič has conducted tests on its in-house dyno with the Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system, using an Audi RS 6 Avant (C8) with the stock Audi Sport exhaust system for comparison, and a power gain of 15.7 hp (m) at 6150 rpm and a torque increase of 17.9 Nm at 6150 rpm were achieved under controlled conditions and with a weight saving of over 30% against the stock system. This is an ECE compliant system that is a serious performer in all areas. Further changes can be made with the addition of the optional Downpipe / Link pipe set (SS), increased exhaust tuning, and the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit to control the valves in the exhaust and give greater flexibility in the sound the exhaust produces. To give the Evolution Line (Titanium) an even greater visual impact, a handmade carbon fibre diffuser in matte or glossy is available as an option to provide that special finish.

The Link pipe set (SS) L-AU/SS/6 is a mandatory product to the Evolution Line (Titanium) S-AU/TI/15H. The system is split into two codes because of packaging requirements.

If the Evolution Line exhaust system is combined with the Downpipe / Link pipe set (SS), the link pipe set L-AU/SS/6 is not needed. In this case, the ECE type approval is not valid anymore, and remapping the ECU is mandatory when it is fitted. With the installation of Akrapovič Sound Kit, ECE type approval for the Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system is not valid.


ECE type approval is only valid for cars equipped with otto/gasoline particulate filter. 

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Technical data

Unit Stock Akrapovic Max Gain
max. power kW 449.9 / 6550 rpm 460.8 / 6250 rpm + 11.6 / 6150 rpm
HP (m) 611.7 / 6550 rpm 626.5 / 6250 rpm + 15.8 / 6150 rpm
HP (i) 603.3 / 6550 rpm 617.9 / 6250 rpm + 15.6 / 6150 rpm
max. torque Nm 825.0 / 3900 rpm 832.3 / 3950 rpm + 17.9 / 6150 rpm
lb-ft 608.5 / 3900 rpm 613.9 / 3950 rpm + 13.2 / 6150 rpm
weight kg 42.0 30.2 - 11.7
lb 92.5 66.6 - 25.9
% - 28.0
inst. time min 420
Packaging Gross Weight Kg 31.600
Packaging Dimensions mm 2010×665×360

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