Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) + Carbon Tailpipe Set - BMW 1M Coupé (E82) 2011-2012

ME-BM/T/3 + TP-CT/5

Our Evolution performance exhaust system, made of our proprietary titanium, includes a muffler, link pipes, and resonators that run from the stock down pipes back. These link pipes feature larger-than-stock-diameter tubing and cast titanium flanges. The secondary catalytic convertors are removed, further decreasing back pressure and weight while at the same time deepening the exhaust tone and increasing power output. For the ultimate in weight reduction, tuning potential, and aggressive racing sound, we offer optional stainless steel catless down pipes. For hardcore enthusiasts. Select the optional Akrapovic sound kit for adjustable sound. Complete the look with a set of four exquisite tailpipes in titanium or carbon fibre.

Sound kit
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+ 10.6HPat 5850 rpm


+ 16.1Nmat 3090 rpm


- 8.7kg

Carbon tail pipe set

£1052.78 + vat 
The tailpipes are the most visible part of the exhaust system, and that’s why we dedicate particular attention to them at Akrapovič. In order to satisfy the most discriminating tastes, we’ve created handcrafted carbon fibre tailpipes. To make our tailpipes stand out from the rest even more, in addition to selecting the finest materials, we also made them larger.

Akrapovič Sound Kit

£615.11 +vat 
The optional Akrapovič Sound Kit enables owners of selected Akrapovič car exhausts to control the sound of the system from the cockpit of their machine. Using Akrapovič technology, drivers can easily switch between the quiet mode and a sportier sound. With the use of a receiver to drive the actuators that open or close the valves at the end of the exhaust system, drivers can use the Sound Remote Controller or the new smartphone app (for iOS and Android) to regulate the valves.

Technical data

Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness.

Unit Stock Akrapovic Max Gain
Maximum Power KW 266 / 5650 rpm 272.6 / 5620 rpm + 7.8 / 5850 rpm
HP (m) 361.7 / 5650 rpm 370.6 / 5620 rpm + 10.6 / 5850 rpm
HP (I) 356.8 / 5650 rpm 365.5 / 5620 rpm + 10.4 / 5850 rpm
Maximum Torque Nm 542.6 / 2950 rpm 553.6 / 3080 rpm + 16.1 / 3090 rpm
lb-ft 400.2 / 2950 rpm 408.3 / 3080 rpm + 11.9 / 3090 rpm
Weight kg 25.6 16.9 - 8.7
lb 56.4 37.3 - 19.2
% - 34
Static Noise Level dB 81 / 3750 rpm 83 / 3750 rpm + 2


Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness.

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