Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) - Mercedes AMG GT/GT S (C190/R190) 2015+


The Evolution Line (Titanium) takes these cars to heightened levels of auditory excitement, enhanced performance, and stunning good looks, all with a perfectly sculpted exhaust made from ultra-lightweight titanium alloys that reduce the weight from the stock exhaust by over 46%. Finished with hand-crafted carbon-fibre tailpipes, this exhaust has a stunning soundtrack and that unique Akrapovič signature. The sound is controlled by a complex X-connection, cast in the in-house titanium foundry, with a precisely machined valve flap to alter the tones, which can be controlled with a console button inside the cabin or by the Sound Remote Controller of the optional Akrapovič Sound Kit. When the X-connection valve is open, the exhaust system delivers a more continuous, smooth, and harmonic sound for a more comfortable ride, and in the closed mode the acoustics have been maximised to give the cars a pure sporty and intense muscle-car V8 roar. Power and torque levels are increased throughout the entire rev range. It is ECE approved, so no re-map or other parts are needed and it is a simple plug-and-play installation.

Fitting information for GT/GT Roadster models: the Evolution system only fits cars equipped with the AMG Performance exhaust.

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+ 13.2HPat 2550 rpm


+ 36.2Nmat 2300 rpm


- 12.2kg

Akrapovič Sound Kit


The Akrapovič Sound Kit allows the driver to easily adjust the sound of the exhaust from inside the car’s cockpit. Using the latest innovative technology and working with the car’s own electronics, the Akrapovič Sound Kit provides different sound characteristics through the control of the active X-connection built into this superb Evolution Line (Titanium) system.

For a car equipped with the base Mercedes-AMG exhaust system – with no exhaust system button inside the cabin – the Akrapovič Sound Kit (P-HF949) is a highly recommended upgrade to take complete control over the exhaust sounds.

If the car is already equipped with exhaust valve button inside the cabin, sound kit is not needed.

Technical data

Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness.

Unit Stock Akrapovic Max Gain
Maximum Power KW 405.7 / 6100 rpm 406.3 / 6150 rpm + 9.7 / 2550 rpm
HP (m) 551.6 / 6100 rpm 552.4 / 6150 rpm + 13.2 / 2550 rpm
HP (I) 544.1 / 6100 rpm 544.9 / 6150 rpm + 13 / 2550 rpm
Maximum Torque Nm 714.4 / 2750 rpm 716.5 / 2750 rpm + 36.2 / 2300 rpm
lb-ft 526.9 / 2750 rpm 528.5 / 2750 rpm + 26.7 / 2300 rpm
Weight kg 26.5 14.3 - 12.2
lb 63.5 31.5 - 26.9
% - 46.1
Installation Time Hr 6


Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness.

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