Akrapovič Evolution Race Line (Titanium) + Tail Pipe Set (Titanium) - Porsche GT3 RS (991) 2014+

S-PO/TI/3/1 + TP-PO991RS/H/T

This system is built for the track and gives the Porsche GT3 RS the extra performance to match. Beautifully made from hi-grade titanium and with a coating, the Evolution Race Line is as striking to look at as it is use. From the handcrafted titanium headers with 100 cpsi sports catalytic convertors and titanium flanges—cast in Akrapovič’s own foundry—right through to the superbly finished round titanium tailpipes, the Evolution Race Line is pure quality. The system offers a perfect power curve right from 3,000 rpm to the very top of the power band, designed to continually increase performance as the revs rise. Along with improved torque and the maximum weight savings to enhance handling, the Evolution Race Line exhaust system will have the car performing like a true cup racer—with a deep, loud, and powerful Akrapovič racing sound to match its performance.

When installing Akrapovič aftermarket optional link pipes with sports catalytic converters or without catalytic converters, which are developed for use on closed tracks only, remapping the ECU is mandatory. When installing Akrapovič aftermarket exhaust system that was developed for use on closed tracks, we recommend remapping the ECU in order to prevent potential »check engine light« warning signals.

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+ 27.1HPat 3950 rpm


+ 50.6HPat 3900 rpm


- 22.2kg

Tailpipe Set (Titanium)

Top the system off with a pair of eye-catching double round tailpipes, made of high-grade titanium. Made specifically for the GT3 RS (991) version to withstand the higher temperatures at this distance from the bumper.

Akrapovič dB Reducer (Titanium)

Designed and constructed exclusively for the Porsche 911 GT3 (991) and GT3 RS (991), the Akrapovič dB reducer (Titanium) is aimed at driving enthusiasts who need to keep the noise of the exhaust within approved levels during track-day use. Made from high-grade lightweight titanium, the dB reducer works like an additional muffler to allow extra expansion of the exhaust gases. It is easily fitted by simply removing the Akrapovič tailpipe set and then mounting the dB reducer in place. After installation, the Akrapovič dB reducer (Titanium) reduces dynamic sound levels* by approximately two or three decibels** while still retaining the unique Akrapovič sound and character. It is designed to fit and reduce the measured dynamic sound levels of all Akrapovič systems for the Porsche 911 GT3 (991) and GT3 RS: the Slip-On Line (Titanium), Evolution Line (Titanium), Sports Cup Line (Titanium), and Evolution Race Line (Titanium). The Akrapovič dB reducer (Titanium) is also totally compatible with the optional Akrapovič carbon-fibre diffuser, which is available for the Porsche 911 GT3 (991).

The Akrapovič dB reducer (Titanium) fits also to the stock exhaust system of the 911 GT3 (991) and GT3 RS (991).

*Dynamic sound levels apply to a moving vehicle and not the volume from a static vehicle.

**Noise reduction value is relative (or may vary) due to various noise-measuring methods used and external conditions at different racetracks.

Technical data

Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness.

Unit Stock Akrapovic Max Gain
Maximum Power KW 345.7 / 8450 rpm 354.2 / 8400 rpm + 19.9 / 3950 rpm
HP (m) 470 / 8450 rpm 481.6 / 8400 rpm + 27.1 / 3950 rpm
HP (I) 463.6 / 8450 rpm 475 / 8400 rpm + 26.7 / 3950 rpm
Maximum Torque Nm 426.2 / 6450 rpm 436.7 / 6400 rpm + 50.6 / 3900 rpm
lb-ft 314.3 / 6450 rpm 322.1 / 6400 rpm + 37.3 / 3900 rpm
Weight kg 38.9 16.7 - 22.2
lb 85.8 36.8 - 48.9
% - 57.1
Installation Time Hr 3.5


Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness.

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