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AKRAPOVIC | MERCEDES-AMG G 500 / G 550 (W463A) 2019 | Evolution line (Titanium)

Product code: S-ME/TI/5 + P-HF1225




MERCEDES-AMG G 500 / G 550 (W463A) 2019
Product Name: Evolution line (Titanium)
Product Code: S-ME/TI/5

The Evolution Line (Titanium) for the Mercedes-AMG G 500 has been created with durability in mind as well as performance using high-grade durable lightweight titanium, making the system 45% lighter than the stock system. It is finished with specially-designed tailpipes – fashioned in the Akrapovič foundry – exiting on either side of the vehicle, complementing the car’s robust look, perfectly routed to fit within limited space. This system – with a pair of exhaust valves behind the rear mufflers to provide optimal control of the exhaust tones – delivers a unique sound that is distinctly deeper and sportier, especially during acceleration and shifting. Power and torque levels are increased through the entire rpm range.


Fittment notice: 

For mounting Akrapovič exhaust S-ME/TI/5 on Mercedes G500/G550 the car has to be equipped with Mercedes stainless steel package (code PA3) or step boards on the left and right sides (code T84 or T86 or T87).

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