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BMW M135i 2.0L B48 - MST-BW-B4802 Induction Kit

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MST Performance intake kit for BMW 3 Series (G20/G21) & 4 Series (G22/G23/G24) cars equipped with the 2.0T (B48) engine.

Includes a performance nanofibre dry air filter, fitting kit, intake pipe and laser-cut heat shield, finished in a textured black powder coat finish.

This kit provides increased airflow and induction noise over and above the standard intake equipment.

On our test vehicle, we saw the following gains…

  • BMW 320i (G20) Stage 1 - 2.0T B48 +9bhp / +15nm @4000rpm

Please note this kit utilises the standard airbox mounts.



  • BMW M135i B48