BMW M2 (F87) | Nitron | NTR R1 Suspension kit

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Product details

  • Type Suspension
  • Vendor Nitron
  • SKU NTCBM-023R1

Product Features:

  • Ideally suited for track and road use
  • 24-stage 2-way adjustable
  • Wide range of ride height adjustment
  • Lightweight, forged aluminium damper body
  • 40mm to 46mm piston diameter
  • Can be opened and re-valved for overhaul
  • Handcrafted in the UK


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Handcrafted by Nitron in England and widely praised in the professional racing world, the NTR R1 coilovers are ideal for use on the road or track. They combine build quality, strength and performance to guarantee an exceptional driving experience.

Inspired by the highly regarded NTR R3 range, the NTR R1 suspension kit uses carefully chosen materials such as hard-anodised titanium and forged aluminium for their lightweight and anti-corrosion properties. Incorporating 40mm or 46mm diameter pistons (depending on the car model), each shock absorber is filled with oil and nitrogen, ensuring excellent resistance to overheating and long-lasting efficiency.

For ease of use and adjustment, this R1 range offers a 24-stage 2-way compression / rebound adjustment. The damping and spring rates are studied specifically for each vehicle by Nitron engineers, according to the weight distribution, axle design, intended use of the kit, and many other parameters validated by numerous real conditions tests. The ride height and spring preload of each Nitron NTR R1 kit is fully adjustable.