Nortech Performance | VAG EA113 2.0 TFSI | Super Stock Turbo System with Garrett Motion Fitment

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Product details

  • Type Turbo Kit
  • Vendor Nortech Performance

We are immensely proud that our Volkswagen Audi Group 2.0L TSFI has Super Stock Location Turbo Kit and has supported hundreds of passionate motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. We develop and manufacture entirely in-house in our state-of-the-art facility in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK.

We utilise the very latest in turbo manifold design / material technology. 

Our development brief was to create a none invasive ultra-high-performance turbo kit that could utilise a gasketless v-band connection to the latest Garrett Motion turbocharger offerings utilising the awesome Turbosmart Gen-V 45 external wastegate to avoid any boost creep regardless of the turbo specification. 

One of our unique selling points is our identification that fabricator turbo collector systems are not only extremely time-consuming to produce, but the inherent nature of their construction work hardens the material leading to durability issues.

This kit is capable of supporting between 400 to 700whp. Please check our case studies page for further information on whats required to make serious power on the 2.0 TSFI engine. 

Nortech Performance

Our in-house technical partners Nortech Performance create our design and production solutions. Utilising industry-leading SolidWorks CAD software, our automotive engineers draw the new product according to the specified measurements. Cutting edge simulation software is then used to model the product’s performance. With full fabrication, CNC machining, 3D printing and TIG-welders based in-house, we are ideally equipped to produce prototype parts. We don’t have to wait for parts to arrive from third parties, so we can make changes quickly and efficiently. Producing the best products available for the automotive industry.

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