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Ford Fiesta ST180 | ST200 - PERON Magnetic Sump Plug

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Ford Fiesta MK7 ST PERON branded magnetic sump plug, is one of our new Ford Fiesta items we have produced featuring our PERON "P".

The anodised black sump plug is fitted with a magnet which traps metallic debris which may be suspended in your engine oil. "Micro debris" particles are small enough to pass through the engine oil filter, this magnet collects these.

Easy to install and reuse when completing your oil change just replace or simply wipe clean at oil changes. The PERON sump plug is Pre-drilled for lock wire/safety wire. Required for Track day/Race use


  • Strong Magnet
  • Drilled for lock wiring
  • Ideal for race or road
  • Anodised black with white PERON "P" logo
  • M14 x 1.5mm


  • Ford Fiesta ST180
  • Ford Fiesta ST200