Stage II ECU | Stage III DSG

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Product Details

  • Vehicle Manufacturer Volkswagen
  • Vehicle Model Golf R (Mk7)
  • Engine EA888 (Gen 3)
  • Gearbox DQ250
  • Max. Power On Request
  • Max. Torque Capacity 600 Nm


TVS ECU Stage III is custom made software for a turbo- or supercharger upgrade! Due to our knowledge, experience and specialism in calibrating high power applications, TVS is nowadays able to deliver custom ECU software for almost every turbo- and supercharger upgrade. Performance numbers will give an estimation, for more detailed performance numbers please contact TVS with your setup or have a look at the project cars we did before!

  • Turbo- or Supercharger upgrade
  • Modified engine setup
  • Data analyzing and fine-tuning
  • TVS optional ECU features included


TVS DSG Stage III software is characterized as the strongest DSG software available on the market and especially suitable for high performance applications. Due to unique software modifications extremely high clutch pressures are achieved resulting in unprecedented high stock clutch torque capacities! In addition perfect drivability, durability and reliability will still maintain.

  • Strong tuned vehicles
  • Improved drivability
  • Extended gearbox lifetime
  • Increased gearbox performance
  • Unique performance options
  • Additional options

TVS Engineering

TVS Engineering, established in 2005, is renowned for its expertise in DSG and engine diagnostics, software solutions, and hardware developments. As pioneers in the automotive performance industry, they focus on delivering high-quality gearbox software and conversions specifically tailored for VAG vehicles. With a strong commitment to innovation, TVS Engineering offers customized solutions that enhance vehicle performance and drivability. Their offerings include gearbox conversions and software that seamlessly integrate with the vehicle's existing systems, providing significant improvements in both efficiency and power.

As the UK importers and suppliers for TVS Engineering, we are proud to bring these top-tier automotive solutions to the UK market, enabling enthusiasts and professional garages alike to achieve superior vehicle performance.

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