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ITG - ARAB54 Aluminium Universal Airbox (up to 200bhp)

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ITG ARAB54 Aluminium Universal Airbox is the smallest of the spun aluminium airboxes. Available in multiples sizes this is a great way to reduce heat soak, increase performance and amplify the engine tone.


  • Universal 


A - (Length) Measurement taken from airbox inlet (C), to filter spinning outlet (D).
Rebated ARAB Spinning reduces length by approx. 20mm

B - (Width) Measurement taken at the widest point of filter lid spinning.
Do not measure from screw to screw.

C - Inlet (Dirty air in) measurement taken as internal diameter.
See table for duct sizing guide.

D - Outlet (Clean air out) measurement taken as internal diameter and relates to ARAB spinning used.
All dimensions are in (mm)

ARAB54 Airbox Size Options

Part No. A (Length) B (Width) C (Inlet) D (Outlet)
ARAB54/57R 270.50 147.20 73.40 60.00
ARAB54/67 296.00 147.20 73.40 70.00