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ITG - Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr MK7 Induction Kit

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ITG Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr MK7 Induction Kit is a must-have upgrade for any Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr owner. Replacing the restrictive stock air box for induction will see an increase in performance of up to 10 -15 bhp and increased turbo noise. 

The ITG induction kit has been a perfectly sized MAF housing, unlike some kits on the market that can cause EML lights and poor running. ITG has produced a fantastic induction kit for the Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr where its location low down behind the bumper allows for cold air to be sucked in and reduced intake temperatures. 


  • Replaces the stock restrictive plastic airbox 
  • Heat soak is reduced
  • Pre-oiled filter
  • Multi-layer foam
  • Perfectly sized CNC MAF housing
  • Increased turbo intake noise
  • Works from stock through to stage 3
  • All fitting required for installation


  • Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr 100ps, 125ps and 140ps MK7 

Fitting instructions