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ITG - Ford Focus 2.0T ST3 Induction Kit

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ITG Ford Focus ST3 2.0ltr induction kit. This kit is a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM air box. Replacing the airbox for induction will increase performance and turbo intake noise. The ITG airbox has a spun aluminium enclosure that reduces heat soak entering the ITG foam filter. 

Once installed this ITG induction kit will increase performance and turbo noise, the kit comes with all the items required for installation including a larger cross over pipe removing all intake restrictions for maximum performance gains.


  • Replaces the stock restrictive plastic airbox 
  • Heat soak is reduced
  • Pre-oiled filter
  • Multi-layer foam
  • 76mm perfectly mandrel-bent alloy intake tubing
  • Increased turbo intake noise
  • Works from stock through to stage 3
  • All fitting required for installation


  • Ford Focus ST3 2.0ltr Pre Facelift

The kit will not fit the 3.5 facelift Ford Focus

Fitting Instructions