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ITG - JC60PFOS (Foam Oversock)

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ITG foam oversock designed for the new range of maxogen universal filter.

From recent dust testing, ITG has found that an ITG Pleated Filter combined with the Foam Oversock provides the ultimate filtration solution for the dustiest of conditions, whether it is daily, road race, or rally while retaining maximum possible airflow into your inlet system, for maximum performance.

Pleated Maxogens have been optimized to work best with ITG Foam Oversocks as they significantly improve filtration capabilities and reduce the need for you having to clean/re-oil the main filter element so often.

There are 2 sizes available for the smaller 150mm OD based filters & 180mm OD based filters.

Small over sock fits:-

Aluminium: JC60-67RP, JC60-73RP, JC60-78RP
Rubberneck: JC60RN-70P, JC60RN-76P and JC60RN-80P.

Large over sock fits:-

Aluminium: JC60-86RP, JC60-99RP,
Rubberneck: JC60RN-89P, JC60RN-102P, JC60RN-114P and JC60RN-127P.