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BMW M140i | M240i | 340i | 440i - MMR Performance Charge Pipe Kit

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BMW B58 owners MMR Performance has created an uprated charge pipe. Just like the previous engine the N55 the B58 also suffers from a week plastic OEM charge pipe. Replacing them for a stronger yet lightweight replacement the MMR Charge Pipes are assured to bring you the increased power outputs and improve throttle response. The kit also includes a handy 1/8” bung for the easy addition of either methanol or water injection.


  • Two high-flow aluminium charge pipes with CNC leak-free connections.
  • Silicone coupler hose.
  • O-ring gasket.
  • C-clip.
  • Jubilee clips.
  • x4 Throttle body bolts



  • BMW B58
  • BMW F20
  • BMW M140i
  • BMW M240i
  • BMW 340i
  • BMW 440i