BMW N55 | M135i | M235i | M2 - MMR Performance Charge Pipes

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  • Type Charge pipe
  • Vendor MMR Performance
  • SKU MMR02-0501A

The MMR high-flow charge pipe kit includes everything you need to improve the performance, reliability and aesthetics of your F30, F20 or M2 N55 engine.

BMW equipped with the N55 engine are well known for the charge pipe splitting, bursting or failing. Once this pipe fails the car will thrown and engine light and enter limp mode. Replacing the week plastic items for an MMR Performance charge pipe eradicates this issue. 

With a larger diameter smooth aluminium pipe, it helps with throttle response and power output. Unlike other charge pipes with MMR one comes with a handy 1/8th NTP bung for easy installation of meth or water injection. 


  • Two replacement high-flow aluminium charge pipes with CNC leak-free connections
  • Silicone coupler hose
  • Replacement c-clip
  • Jubilee clips
  • o-ring


  • BMW M135i
  • BMW M235i
  • BMW M2