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MMR Performance Oil Catch Can Kit - BMW M135i / M235i / M2

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The MMR Performance catch can has been designed specifically for the BMW N55 engine found in the M135, M235i and M2. Installing the MMR catch can allow unwanted out from the PCV system before it can be recirculated back into the intake. 

This catch can has a gauze baffle, oil level dipstick and can be drained from a drain plug on the bottom of the catch can.

Higher mileage engines and those particularly that utilise direct-injection are known to suffer from sludge and carbon build-up on the backs of the inlet valves, but by removing the deposits through the catch can's filter and separation process, the intake air has less oil in it and therefore a higher ratio of oxygen is burnt, resulting in a cleaner, more reliable and better-performing engine. 



  • Effectively prevents oil build-up in the intake system and intercooler walls
  • Maintains optimum engine performance
  • Easy installation with all supplied hardware included
  • Race fittings and PTFE-lined hoses throughout
  • Easy oil level checking and draining


  • BMW M2
  • BMW M135i 
  • BMW M235i