Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 1.5T | PERON STG1+ Tuning & iFlash Programmer

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Product details

  • Type ECU Tuning
  • Vendor PERON Tuning
  • SKU PEFD004

Fiesta ST Mk8 PERON STG1 ECU Calibration

Technical Data

  • Maximum Power: Increases from 188whp at 5080 rpm to 221whp at 5430 rpm, gaining 33whp.
  • Maximum Torque: Rises from 212ft/lb at 3480 rpm to 263ft/lb at 2910 rpm, a gain of 51ft/lb.
  • Features: The upgrade introduces mild pops and burbles in Sport & Track modes, an improved launch control strategy, and the removal of torque limits in all gears.

What's Included

  • PERON Flash Programmer Tool
  • PERON STG1 Tuning
  • PERON Gel Badge
  • Software and instructions for installation

Performance and Development

  • The calibration produces up to 221whp and 263lb/ft on stock hardware, tested using 98RON Shell V-Power Nitro fuel.
  • The focus is on making the car more rewarding and fun to drive, with harder acceleration, a stronger midrange, and consistent linear power to the redline.
  • Designed for 95-99RON fuels, noting that failure to use recommended hardware or fuel grade may affect power/torque figures, which also vary by ambient conditions.

Engineering and Safety

  • Developed by engineers with over 20 years of experience with Bosch ECUs, focusing on OEM-level drivability and engine safety.
  • Includes OEM knock control sensitivity and factory safety features for high levels of durability.
  • Tested over 3,000 miles on a demo vehicle and applied to thousands of cars worldwide, ensuring reliability and quality.

This upgrade is presented as an optimal solution for enhancing the Fiesta ST's performance, offering significant improvements in power and torque, with a focus on maintaining the car's reliability and everyday usability.