Ford Fiesta MK7 ST180 | 200 1.6T - PERON Stage 2 PRO Upgrade

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Product Overview - STG2 Pro for Ford Fiesta ST Mk7

The Fiesta ST EcoBoost project marks a significant milestone for our company, having successfully tuned thousands of vehicles worldwide. The STG2 Pro represents the most powerful factory tuning calibration in our portfolio, specifically designed for the Ford Fiesta ST Mk7 with 1.6T EcoBoost engines. This tuning solution not only enhances power and torque but also significantly improves the driving experience. 

Performance Optimization

The STG2 Pro focuses on maximizing the efficiency of the Fiesta ST's stock turbo, resulting in a substantial increase in power and torque. Adjustments include fine-tuning the engine timing, air/fuel mix, rev limiter, and throttle management.

Driving Experience

The tuning enhances the vehicle's track performance with features like left-foot braking and enriches the auditory experience with 'pops and burbles'. An additional aggressive sound tune is available for off-road use.

Requirements and Compatibility

The STG2 Pro is designed for 99RON or higher octane fuel, emphasizing its high-performance nature. Required supporting hardware includes a high-flow intake system, intake hose, crossover pipe, sports cat, performance intercooler, and a 70 - 76.2mm cat-back exhaust system. Without these components, the expected power and torque gains might not be fully realized. Performance can vary based on environmental conditions and fuel quality.