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PERON S284 Hybrid Turbo Kit - Ford Fiesta ST Mk7

Include Installation at PERON HQ
STG3 Software Required
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  • Introducing the PERON STG3+ S284 Hybrid Turbo System. A true 300whp kit offering savage acceleration along with OEM levels of drivability!

We took the extremely popular Turbo Technics S280 turbo and made it a whole lot better! 

The S280 is a very good hybrid turbo that bolts directly onto the Ford OEM manifold, but we noticed some drawbacks. This is where our kit comes with some extras that others do not come with...

We upgrade the actuator to a Turbosmart unit. This actuator allows for better boost control as the spring rates can be adjusted, where the S280 actuator doesn't allow for this.

We also run a more robust external 25mm Turbosmart DV allowing for a nicer noise and better more precise boost release.

In-house designed bespoke silicon hoses which vastly improved gas flow rate resulting in quicker turbo spooling, less lag, and more power!

Included is a black powder-coated aluminium cold side boost pipe which is required to install the kit correctly. 

  • TECHNICAL DATA Unit Stock PERON S284 Gains
    Maximum Power whp 170 @ 6040 rpm 301 @ 6440 rpm + 131
    Maximum Torque ft/lb 198 @ 2520 rpm 282 @ 4960 rpm + 84

    This comprehensive package has been rigorously tested over many months and thousands of miles on our own development car. That’s why we are confident that it represents the best solution for anyone looking to create the ultimate fast-road Fiesta ST Mk7.

    What's included?

    - PERON S284 Turbocharger
    - Turbosmart Actuator
    - Bespoke Silicone Hoses
    - Black powder-coated Lower Boost Pipe
    - External DV Kit including a Turbosmart Plumb-back DV
    - Turbosmart Vacuum Reference Adapter Kit
    - Fitting Kit including all joiners, nuts, grommets, gaskets, washers, vac hose, and clamps required
    *No exchange turbo required 

  • Developed in conjunction with in-house technical partners Nortech Performance, our STG3+ system transforms the 1.6T EcoBoost into a little powerhouse!

    With over 300whp and 282lb/ft of torque, it delivers savage, yet linear acceleration. But it isn’t just about peak power. The progressive nature of the set-up, together with OEM levels of drivability and refinement is what makes this a genuinely usable package.

    Around town the car is refined and civilised, but get it on the open road and it delivers a thrilling driving experience that can worry far more exotic machinery.

    Please Note:  The PERON STG3+ S284 turbocharger package requires that only 98RON fuel is used. Installing the turbo system without the recommended hardware list above may result in failure to make the quoted power / torque figures. Power figures may also vary according to ambient temperature, altitude and quality of fuel used.
  • To get the most from your STG3+ package and to fully utilise the increased performance available, you will require:

    Suggested Mandatory Products
    - PERON High Flow Intake System
    - PERON Performance Intake Hose
    - PERON Performance Cross Over Pipe
    - Performance Intercooler
    - Performance 70 - 76.2mm Cat-Back Exhaust System

    Highly Recommended Products 
    - Performance Brake Kit
    - Performance Suspension Kit
    - Limited Slip Differential
    - Performance Tyres

*manufacture time 3 - 4 weeks if out of stock.

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