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PLEX Tuning - EGT Sensor

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Note: This EGT probe is required for the Plex Tuning PBC-PRO Dual EGT or PBC-PRO Single EGT Boost Controller. It is not included with the Boost controller kit!
Whether you are an engine enthusiast, a professional tuner or drag racer, if your car has a turbocharger/supercharger, you should always monitor the exhaust temperature. It provides important information regarding:

- Exhaust system too small
- Fuel mixture too lean
- Exhaust gas pressure critical
- Ignition setting too late / too early
- Turbocharger/exhaust side too small
- Bad exhaust gas flow in the exhaust manifold

Fits for:

The connection cable is included
Connection thread is 1/8 "NPT. Made in Europe

With the Plex Tuning PBC-Pro Dual EGT / PBC-Pro Single EGT you have, in addition to one of the best boost controllers in the world, OBD, EGT or up to four analog values such as Lambda in sight! Limits can be set for a visual and audible alarm. Therefore, you do not always need to watch the display. As a special highlight we see the possibility to combine limit values. For example, charging pressure above 2.0 bar = no alarm, exhaust temperature above 1050°C = no alarm, but charging pressure above 2.0 bar AND exhaust gas temperature above 1050°C = alarm.