Porsche Cayman / GTS / S (981) | Akrapovic | Slip-On Line (Titanium)

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Elevate Your Driving Experience with Akrapovič's Premium Slip-On Exhaust System!

Our dedicated engineers have poured months of effort into crafting a Slip-On exhaust system that will transform your driving experience. Made entirely of titanium, this exhaust system offers three muffler configurations that not only save weight at the rear axle but also elevate handling and performance in several ways:

Key Features:

Weight Reduction: Shed excess weight and improve handling with our fully titanium exhaust system. Experience a more agile and responsive drive.

Power and Torque Gains: Our exhaust system enhances gas-flow dynamics, reduces back pressure, and delivers a smoother power curve. The result? Noticeable power gains, especially in the mid-range, ensuring you get the performance you desire.

Sonic Pleasure: Enjoy a thoroughly pleasing sound note that complements your driving experience. The dual-mode exhaust flap system enhances the deep resonant sound signature of Akrapovič.

Sound Control: Choose your sound level with ease. The optional Akrapovič sound kit allows you to select your preferred sound profile at the touch of a button. Either let your car's ECU choose the sound level or take control yourself.

Important Notes:

  • If your stock system lacks integrated exhaust valves, the Akrapovič sound kit is mandatory for sound control.
  • If your stock system already has integrated exhaust valves (like the Porsche sport exhaust), there's no need for an additional Akrapovic sound kit.

Transform your driving experience with Akrapovič's Slip-On exhaust system, where innovation meets performance. Elevate your passion for driving today!