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Ford Fiesta ST MK8 | RamAir Induction Kit Black

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RamAir Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Induction Kit must-have upgrade when looking to improve the intake system. 

Designed to replace the restrictive OEM system this induction kit can be changed in a matter of minutes on the drive-by any enthusiast. 

Once replaced the filter will allow a better airflow allowing for an increase in Performace, This serviceable item can be removed and services rather than thrown away like the OEM filter.

This full air box replacement induction kit is designed specifically for the Ford Fiesta ST MK8 1.5 Ecoboost.
This kit allows for an increase in airflow and induction noise over the factory intake equipment.
The heat shield replaces the factory air box and mounts to standard OEM mounting points, it also replaces the standard intake hose.
Whilst an ECU remap is not required, it will help you make the most of the increased potential airflow.


  • Powdercoated heatshield to require heat soak
  • Branded Ramair foam filter
  • Available in 3 hose colours


  • Ford Fiesta ST MK8