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TVS Engineering - DQ200 DSG Gearbox Software (Gen3 MQB) 2013+ Driveability Upgrade (280Nm)

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TVS Drivability Upgrade – for stock VAG vehicles, 2013+ MQB

Transform the performance of your DQ200 (0AM) 7-speed DSG gearbox!

Known Issues and Symptoms:

  • Fast wear of clutch due to excessive slip
  • Gear shifts up at low rpm
  • Bearing damage
  • Mechatronic defects
  • Rattling noises during gear change
  • RPM needle unstable or increasing in steps

TVS Drivability Upgrade highlights:

  • More responsive and better drivability in D and S modes
  • Raised torque limits (280nm)
  • Faster shifting speeds
  • Unnecessary/harsh downshifts removed
  • Bump elimination during 1st - 2nd gear shift
  • Fix for bouncing RPM needle

TVS Drivability software optimises the performance of the DQ200 7-speed DSG gearbox for stock vehicles, with the following engines: 1.6 TDI, 1.9 TDI, 1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI, 1.8 TSI and 1.6 FSI (2013+ MQB).

While the DQ200 DSG system is known to be generally strong, reliable and easy to use, there are some known issues, which can hamper drivability on stock vehicles.

These include: lack of response (delay in shifting); harsh, unwanted kick-down and a less-than-smooth pull away from standstill. From the factory, Sport mode is too aggressive and high-revving for many situations, while in Drive, shifts may feel sluggish – both impacting on the drivability of the vehicle.

In the same way that ECU software optimises the way an engine performs, TVS’ gearbox (TCU) software does the same for the twin-clutch DSG unit. 

The TVS programme removes unnecessary downshifts, allowing you to hold onto a gear for longer, but also increases the shifting speed, which provides a more responsive and enjoyable driving experience.

The TVS Drivability Upgrade will transform they way your DSG vehicle drives and also reduce wear on gearbox components.

Please note: The TVS Drivability Upgrade is designed specifically for stock vehicles. If your vehicle has been tuned, please check out the Stage 2+ to Stage 4 TVS DSG tuning options.

TVS Software must be installed at either PERON HQ or any of our UK Dealers premises. This software is not currently available as a home-flash service.