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Audi RS6 / RS7 (C8) Stage 1 Performance Tuning Software

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POWER (hp)
TORQUE (ft/lb)
PERON STAGE 1 659 776
GAINS +67 +164


Suitable for 100% stock vehicles.
Fuel required: 98-99RON. 

The tuning for this vehicle has been done to bring about a more focused and pleasurable driving experience. Peak power and torque are only small parts of the overall equation. The primary focus is to bring a smile to the driver’s face.
To that end, we have not only increased the power and torque, but also the smoothness and response of the engine. We have added more auditory involvement with changes to the factory overrun. This adds some further ‘pops and bangs’ to give the experience a more aggressive edge. We have addressed some of the shortcomings in the factory gearbox software to improve the performance, as well as the drivability.

Stage 1 is our most basic level of tuning and is for cars running premium fuel with stock hardware. The goal of this first stage is an improvement of drivability through smoother delivery of the increased torque and power. The car is faster without being too aggressive.