PERON Complex

Workshop with Engine Building Room

At the heart of the PERON Automotive complex lies our advanced workshop and engine building room, where precision meets performance. Our workshop is equipped with the latest automotive technology and tools, enabling our team to execute everything from routine maintenance to intricate custom modifications with exceptional accuracy. This space is dedicated to transforming vehicles to embody superior performance and reliability.

Adjacent to the workshop, the engine building room stands as the core of our engineering excellence. This specialized area is focused on the meticulous assembly and fine-tuning of engines. Here, engines are crafted with precision, using high-quality components and adhering to the highest standards of performance and durability. Each engine is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a performance vehicle can achieve, ensuring that every engine prepared in our facility is optimized for outstanding power and efficiency.

PERON Distribution

Strategic Partnerships

At PERON Automotive, our collaborations with leading industry experts significantly enhance our range of performance solutions. Akrapovič elevates our offerings with innovative exhaust systems that significantly improve vehicle performance and acoustics. Dyno Spectrum introduces precise engine tuning with their advanced DS1 software, optimizing performance control. Garrett Motion enhances our capabilities with robust, efficient turbochargers & intercoolers that boost the supported power of our engineered solutions.

Additionally, Nortech Performance provides expertly designed components that complement our in-house developments, while Precision Turbo is known for supplying reliable, high-power output turbochargers. TVS Engineering broadens our scope with specialized tuning and transmission solutions that cater to a diverse range of vehicles. These strategic partnerships enable us to deliver superior, integrated automotive enhancements that consistently exceed client expectations.

PERON Engineering

Nortech Performance

Nortech Performance, our in-house technical partner, specializes in designing and producing advanced automotive solutions using industry-leading SolidWorks CAD software and cutting-edge simulation tools. Our facility is fully equipped with capabilities for CNC machining, 3D printing, and TIG welding, enabling us to quickly produce and refine prototypes without relying on third-party parts. Through rigorous research and development, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Garrett Motion and Precision Turbo, we push the boundaries of technology and performance. Our comprehensive approach ensures every product not only meets but exceeds both functional and aesthetic standards, firmly establishing Nortech Performance at the forefront of automotive innovation.

PERON Motorsport

Time Attack

At PERON Automotive, our passion for motorsport is prominently displayed by our participation in the UK Time Attack series, competing with our Audi TT RS. This involvement not only highlights our commitment to automotive excellence but also serves as a critical test bed for developing and refining our high-performance components. By competing in such a demanding environment, we gather valuable data and insights that inform our product development. This direct linkage between racing and our engineering processes ensures that our components are rigorously vetted and optimized for both the track and everyday driving, enhancing our reputation as leaders in performance automotive engineering.