PERON Automotive - UK Distributor for TVS

PERON is proud to be the UK Distributor for DSG gearbox specialists TVS Engineering.

Since 2005 TVS Engineering has been the pioneer in VAG DSG and engine diagnostics, repairs and developments. Over the years they have performed thousands of diagnostics, repairs, software optimizations and hardware upgrades. What makes TVS very special is that they cover all required aspects in house, making them the world’s only true DSG Doctor.

The specialisation in gearbox tuning is what makes TVS Engineering truly unique. Their focus has always been the overall driver experience and not just maximum performance. It is TVS’s goal to increase the gearbox capacity to the maximum without sacrificing reliability or drivability.

TVS offers the best and widest ranging DSG Software products. It is not only the strongest and most powerful software on the market but also produces the best possible drivability and is also fully customisable too.

TVS DSG software is not just suitable for tuned or heavily tuned vehicles. Even stock vehicles can be greatly improved after upgrading with TVS Drivability software. A common factory issue such as unresponsive shifting strategies, harsh downshifting, non-smooth take-off etc. These issues all result in excessive wear in the flywheel, clutch and gearbox.

Some companies claim that DSG software upgrades are not needed. Tricks are being used to disable DSG torque intervention (CAN) commands; torque readings are manipulated to stay within factory margins to avoid DSG torque intervention etc. All these kinds of improper modifications of the engine ECU will result in excessive clutch wear, power loss and shifting problems.

Besides the tuning of stock or slightly modified VAG vehicles TVS specialises in the tuning of high power applications. TVS offers tuning solutions for almost any VAG application, from diesel engines to hybrids. High power applications have always been a passion for TVS. Over 20 years ago they started with G60 and VR6 Turbo’s and nowadays there main focus on high power 2015+ cars and occasionally R32 & R36 Turbo & Supercharger projects.

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