Performance Workshop

PERON Automotive’s Performance Workshop combines expert installation, custom fabrication, and comprehensive performance optimisation to deliver unparalleled automotive enhancements. Specialising in high-performance upgrades such as Akrapovič exhaust systems and Nortech Performance turbo kits, our state-of-the-art Dyno Testing Cell and experienced race engineers ensure each vehicle meets rigorous standards for performance and reliability. Committed to quality and innovation, PERON Automotive provides superior automotive solutions tailored to exceed the expectations of performance enthusiasts.

Expert Installation Services

At PERON Automotive, we pride ourselves on being the exclusive UK importer and specialist installer of Akrapovič exhaust systems, renowned for enhancing vehicle acoustics and performance. Alongside Akrapovič, we expertly install products from our in-house brand, Nortech Performance, which ranges from precision-engineered components to full turbo kits. Our skilled race engineers and technicians, with extensive motorsport experience, ensure that every installation, whether an Akrapovič exhaust or a Nortech turbo system, is seamlessly integrated to meet the highest standards of performance enhancement.

This expertise extends to a variety of other installations and services, enabling us to handle complex vehicle upgrades that require deep understanding and precise execution. By combining our comprehensive capabilities with a commitment to automotive excellence and innovation, we provide tailored vehicle upgrades designed to elevate efficiency, power, and driving experience.

Custom Design & Fabrication

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Nortech Performance, PERON Automotive's Performance Workshop excels in the custom design and fabrication of specialized automotive parts. Our close relationships with industry leaders such as Garrett Motion and Precision Turbo enhance our ability to deliver superior custom-fabricated solutions, including advanced intercooler systems and other critical components.

Equipped with high-end CAD software and precise manufacturing tools like CNC machines and 3D printers, we ensure each piece is crafted to meet rigorous standards of quality and performance. These partnerships enable us to produce uniquely tailored solutions that significantly enhance vehicle performance, reflecting our commitment to leading-edge automotive engineering.

Performance Optimisation and Testing

At PERON Automotive, our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere installation and fabrication. Through performance optimisation and testing we thoroughly refine and validate each vehicle's enhancements to ensure supreme performance under real-world conditions. Utilising advanced diagnostic tools and our state-of-the-art Dyno Testing Cell, our race engineers and technicians meticulously tune and assess each vehicle.

This rigorous testing process includes comprehensive evaluations of engine performance, handling, fuel efficiency, and emissions. Our in-house Dyno Testing Cell allows us to simulate a variety of driving conditions, enabling precise calibration of engine parameters. This ensures that all modifications not only enhance performance but also uphold the vehicle’s reliability and regulatory compliance. By stress-testing all upgrades, we identify and address any potential issues, ensuring each vehicle is optimised for both the track and daily driving.