About Thor OBDII WiFi Adapater by Bimmer-Connect

At PERON Automotive, we are proud to be the UK master stockists for the THOR OBDII WiFi from Bimmer Connect. Bimmer Connect, also known as THOR GmbH, is a leading European provider of connection cables, adapters, and tuning products for BMWs.

Bimmer Connect is dedicated to providing BMW enthusiasts and professionals with top-of-the-line interface products that help them get the most out of their vehicles. The THOR OBDII WiFi is one of their flagship offerings, offering a simple and effective way to interface with popular BMW tuning apps like Xhp Flashtool, Mhd Tuning, Xdelete, Bimmergeeks Pro Tool, and Bimmercode. With its high-quality construction, user-friendly design, and robust connectivity, the THOR OBDII WiFi is the ideal solution for anyone looking to unlock the full potential of their BMW.

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Enhanced Connectivity and Superior Design

The THOR OBDII WiFi Adapter sets itself apart with exceptional connectivity, offering a reliable and strong WiFi signal that ensures faster data transfer speeds compared to traditional OBD/INPA cables. This enhanced speed minimizes downtime during tuning sessions, enabling quicker and more efficient modifications. Designed with both durability and ease of use in mind, the adapter is encased in a robust, 3D-printed case that is not only protective but also visually appealing. Its user-friendly, plug-and-play functionality ensures that setup is straightforward, making it accessible even to those new to vehicle tuning. This combination of advanced connectivity and thoughtful design makes the THOR OBDII WiFi an indispensable tool for any BMW enthusiast.

Versatility and Security for Optimal Performance

Offering broad compatibility with a variety of BMW models, the THOR OBDII WiFi Adapter seamlessly integrates with multiple tuning and diagnostic tools, making it a versatile choice for comprehensive vehicle enhancements. It allows BMW owners to efficiently access and adjust ECU/TCU settings, unlocking new levels of vehicle performance and efficiency. Moreover, the adapter includes advanced security features that employ secure encryption to protect your vehicle’s data during the tuning process, ensuring that your modifications are safe and your data privacy is maintained. This focus on versatility and security confirms the THOR OBDII WiFi as a superior choice for those looking to maximize their BMW’s performance capabilities.