TVS Engineering

PERON Automotive is the exclusive UK distributor for TVS Engineering, leaders in DSG gearbox technology and chiptuning. With over 20 years of pushing the boundaries in vehicle performance, their team of skilled engineers specializes in enhancing a wide range of vehicles with a focus on reliability and drivability. TVS Engineering is known for its pioneering work since 2005 in DSG software and hardware upgrades, offering top-of-the-line solutions that boost both performance and durability. Their products, including DSG Racing Clutches and Conversion Kits, are designed to maximize torque capacity without sacrificing the gearbox's reliability or the vehicle's smooth operation. At Peron Automotive, we're proud to bring TVS's advanced DSG solutions to the UK, reinforcing our position as the go-to experts for high-quality DSG upgrades and vehicle optimization.

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