FAQ | TVS Engineering

For a perfectly running DSG transmission the ECU software is as important as the DSG software, since the functioning of the DSG strongly depends on real-time engine running parameters.

The combination of our specialism in both Engine and Gearbox tuning is what makes TVS software packages unique. Developing both Engine and Gearbox software in-house gives us the ability to perfectly match your Engine to the Gearbox and vice versa! This results in an incredible driving experience which simply couldn’t be compared to individual purchased ECU and TCU tunes.

TVS Engineering is able to match their gearbox software to ECU tunes from other brands. However, one important condition is that there are no incorrect ECU adjustments performed in the third parties ECU software like manipulated engine torque calculations or disabled DSG torque intervention commands.

Engine tuning always goes along with reprogramming the DSG software. Most tuning companies still claim that DSG software upgrades are not needed for tuned vehicles. Often tricks are being used to disable DSG torque intervention commands or engine torque calculations are manipulated to stay within factory margins and avoid DSG torque limitations. All these types of incorrect ECU adjustments along with stock DSG software will result in excessive clutch wear, shifting problems, potential performance loss and gearbox breakdown.

Many stock VAG equipped DSG vehicles suffer from factory drivability issues. Extremely poor shifting strategies which don’t match stock engine characteristics properly, resulting in too early shifting at low load and too late shifting at high load. Basically all VAG DSG transmissions will strongly benefit from a TVS Drivability upgrade.

On high power applications almost all VAG DSG gearboxes will have mechanical limitations resulting in a very limited lifespan and/or gearbox failure. Even with our DSG racing clutches and unique DSG software solutions gearboxes will not withstand all power potential from true high performance engines. For these applications we recommend our DQ500 conversion kits.

In addition TVS Engineering offers DQ250 conversions for DQ200 equipped vehicles. These “dry clutch” DQ200 gearboxes are known to have a lot of issues like excessive clutch wear and gearbox breakdown already at low performance. For example with chiptuning almost all 1.6 TDI, 1.4 T(F)SI and 1.8T(F)SI engines the DQ200 transmission is the limiting factor. For this reason we often limit the engine torque at about 350Nm for the reliability and lifespan of the DQ200. When you would like to achieve the full potential from these engines a TVS DQ250 conversion is necessary.

Finally, it is of course possible to convert your manual vehicle to DSG. Contact us for the possibilities.

TVS DSG racing clutches are designed to increase clutch torque capacity to the maximum without sacrificing reliability or drivability. To achieve this we carefully balanced the friction surface area, friction materials, plate designs and clutch pack shimming. A perfect balance between different aspects is the key for an excellent performing DSG racing clutch!

TVS DSG racing clutch upgrades are characterized by:

  • Factory drivability
  • Increased torque capacity
  • Increased thermal capacity
  • 100% new clutch assembly
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Proven design for years

When an official VAG dealer performs a gearbox software update, custom TVS software will be overwritten and lost. For this reason we offer our customers a free lifetime service by reflashing the TCU with their purchased TVS software. In case the customer wants custom TVS software based on an updated software version a small fee will be charged.

If your vehicle is in for regular maintenance at a VAG dealer, TVS software will not be overwritten. This only happens when the dealer performs a so called software update.

TVS offers lifetime warranty on their software as long as you own the car. With this we will restore the software for you if it is overwritten. We usually do this based on the new software update and old software modifications. In many cases this is warranty and therefore free of charge. Sometimes we need to charge hourly wages.

TVS Engineering creates a software backup of each vehicle and stores a copy in their database. This makes it possible to restore the software to its original state at any time when desired. In addition, TVS offers lifetime warranty on their software as long as you own the car. With this we will restore the software back to stock for free.

TVS offers lifetime warranty on their software as long as you own the car. Every vehicle visiting TVS Engineering is extensively checked and data logged before and after chiptuning to guarantee a correct and safe software calibration. This means a vehicle that is running custom made TVS software will not suffer any reliability issues when properly maintained and used. In the very unlikely case that there is an issue later, TVS will look to resolve it if it is clear that problem was caused by the software upgrade.

In addition you are assured of the following:

  • Extended vehicle diagnostics and custom made software by one of our high educated automotive engineers
  • The performance gains specified by TVS if the engine is in good condition
  • Warranty on correct and proper functioning of our software as long as you own the car
  • Free reflashing of TVS software when it is lost (e.g. after dealer update) as long as you own the car
  • Free restoring to stock if desired as long as you own the car