Precision Turbo and Engine

Welcome to PERON Automotive's Precision Turbo Collection. We proudly stock an extensive range of Precision Turbo Gen 2 and Next Gen turbochargers, engineered for maximum performance and reliability. Our collection showcases the premium options from Precision Turbo & Engine (PTE), catering to professional tuners and automotive enthusiasts who demand the pinnacle of turbocharging technology. Our technical support is unparalleled, offering direct access to the Precision Turbo engineering team to help you optimise your turbocharger setup. Precision Turbo is synonymous with record-setting performance and industry-leading innovation, making it the top choice for serious competitors and performance builders. Explore our collection to find the perfect turbocharger for your project. For detailed technical information or to discuss specific applications, please contact our experts today. Elevate your performance with PERON Automotive and Precision Turbo.

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