About Nortech Performance

Our in-house technical partners Nortech Performance create our design and production solutions. Utilising industry-leading SolidWorks CAD software, our automotive engineers draw the new product according to the specified measurements. Cutting edge simulation software is then used to model the product’s performance. With full fabrication, CNC machining, 3D printing and TIG-welders based in-house, we are ideally equipped to produce prototype parts. We don’t have to wait for parts to arrive from third parties, so we can make changes quickly and efficiently. Producing the best products available for the automotive industry.

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Research and Development

Our team constantly dives deep into research, ensuring that every innovation is firmly grounded in science, practicality, and a vision to redefine industry standards. Their dedication to development is relentless, aiming to surpass existing benchmarks while setting new precedents in automotive excellence.

With a keen focus on practical and scientific solutions, they strive to push the boundaries of technology and performance, redefining what is achievable in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Design and Simulation

Utilizing industry-leading tools like SolidWorks for detailed engineering design and employing extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, we ensure that every aspect of our products not only meets but exceeds both aesthetic and performance expectations.

Our approach integrates advanced simulation techniques to predict real-world behaviors, optimizing airflow and thermal dynamics to maximize performance. This rigorous process allows for the refinement of each design, ensuring that every product is not only visually striking but also engineered to deliver top-tier performance under the most demanding conditions.

By balancing aesthetics with functionality, we craft products that stand out in the market and provide unparalleled performance, making each component a testament to the innovation and expertise at Nortech Performance.

Unmatched Manufacturing Precision and Excellence

Upholding the highest standards in the automotive aftermarket industry through precision-driven manufacturing processes, the use of CNC billet jig fixtures, precision jig tables, and the latest in state-of-the-art tooling ensures that each production step is meticulously calibrated for impeccable accuracy and consistency.

Further enhancing these capabilities, advanced robotic TIG welding and sophisticated investment casting techniques are employed, bolstered by the newest advancements in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. These technologies not only optimize the quality and durability of products but also demonstrate a firm commitment to innovation. The translation of cutting-edge technology into automotive excellence meets the rigorous demands of car enthusiasts and professional garages with each component produced.

Elite Partnerships

At Nortech Performance, we believe in the power of collaboration to push the boundaries of innovation. Through our strategic alliances with industry leaders like Garrett Motion and Precision Turbo, we harness cutting-edge technologies to enhance our product offerings. These partnerships provide us with access to exceptional thermal heat exchangers and advanced turbo solutions, enabling us to deliver superior performance and efficiency.

Together with our partners, we continuously explore innovative approaches and new technologies that set new standards in the automotive industry. Our collaborations are not just about using advanced products; they are about creating a synergy that leads to the development of revolutionary automotive solutions that redefine what is possible in performance engineering. This commitment to excellence through partnership ensures that Nortech Performance remains at the forefront of automotive innovation.