Collection: Dyno Spectrum | DS1 | ECU Tuning and Datalogging Suite

PERON is proud to be a Pro Tuner and the Dyno Spectrum DS1 OBD tool tuning solution stockist. This product has been revolutionary for the Audi tuning market by turning the factory ECU into a full programmable motorsport tuning suite whilst retaining all the benefits of the factory ECU. 

Just some of the headline features: 

Ultra-fast wireless vehicle reprogramming

High-speed data logging 

Real-time tuning adjustments

Flex fuel capable (requires sensor kit)

Includes all DS highly developed base OTS maps and custom feature-rich tuning maps. 

All PERON Audi 4.0T and 2.5T fully developed road and race performance calibrations are all deliverable via Dyno Spectrum DS1. We can deliver a better user-driving experience with the help of the DS1 tool with the added benefit of custom maps, map switching and flex-fuel integration.

Audi RS6 DS pro tuning

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