Audi RS 3 / TT RS / RS Q3 (DAZA / DNWA engine codes) | Dyno Spectrum | DS1

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  • Type Tuning Tool
  • Vendor Dyno Spectrum
  • SKU DS1

Now available for DAZA and DNWA with worldwide support for models from 2017-2020!

This DS1 supports Audi RS3, TT RS, and RS Q3 with facelift 8V, 8S and 83 chassis, DAZA and DNWA engines, model years 2017 to 2021.

We took three years and 10000 hours of development to bring our first product to market, building on experience since the turn of the century in ECU tuning, reverse engineering and custom feature development for other companies including our own. We enjoy bringing smoothness, quality, innovation and standalone type features to factory ECUs and are excited to be a part of DAZA


  • Ultra fast vehicle reprogramming
  • Uses browser over WiFi
  • Works with multiple devices
  • High-speed data logging
  • Realtime tuning
  • E85 flex fuel
  • Includes all off the shelf maps


  • Audi RS 3
  • Audi TT RS
  • RS Q3

Dyno Spectrum DS1

Dyno Spectrum DS1, a leader in automotive tuning technology, offers cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize vehicle performance optimization. Known for precision and versatility, DS1 by Dyno Spectrum provides PERON Automotive and its clients with unmatched control in enhancing engine capabilities. As a key partner, PERON Automotive utilizes DS1 for tuning our motorsport developments, customer-tuned vehicles, and extensively in our research and development processes, ensuring significant improvements in power, efficiency, and responsiveness.

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